Price list

8-15 y.o. (60 min lessons)

1 lesson – 1000 rub

8 lessons per month – 6500

12 lessons per month – 9500

Discounts for families with multiple children:

5-15 y.o. (60 min lessons)

1 lesson – 800 rub

8 lessons per month – 5500 rub

12 lessons per month – 8500 rub


A monthly subscription is valid for 30 days since the first lesson. A missed lesson cannot be rescheduled or refunded. An exception can be arranged for those who missed a class because of a sickness and ara able to provide the original sick leave certificate. These lessons are added to a new monthly subscription.

If the lesson is cancelled, the students are notified in advance by our administrators.

Parents are not allowed in class during children’s lessons unless the visit is arranged with and agreed upon by the teacher.

Double monthly subscriptions are currently in development:

  • choreography and folk dance
  • choreography and contemporary dance
  • choreography and folk and contemporary dance

Individual lesson (60 min) – 2000 rub, 3000 with superior qualification of the teacher

Dance choreography (90 min) – 5000

Contest preparation, dance choreography, individual dance item preparation, contest support is available by agreement.